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Mutahhirat » 5. Change (inqilāb)

Ruling 192. If wine turns into vinegar by itself or by pouring something like vinegar or salt into it, it becomes pure.

Ruling 193. Wine that is made from impure grapes and suchlike, or wine that has come into contact with some other impurity, does not become pure by turning into vinegar.

Ruling 194. Vinegar that is made from impure grapes, raisins, or dates is impure.

Ruling 195. There is no problem if the stalks of grapes or dates remain on them and vinegar is produced. Similarly, there is no problem in adding cucumber, aubergine, or suchlike even before it turns into vinegar, unless it becomes an intoxicant before turning into vinegar.

Ruling 196. Grape juice becomes unlawful to drink if it bubbles either by heating or by itself [through fermentation]. If grape juice bubbles so much that two-thirds of it reduces and only one-third of it remains, it becomes lawful to drink. Furthermore, if it is established that the grape juice is intoxicating, as some [jurists (fuqahāʾ)] have said with regard to when it bubbles by itself, it can only become lawful to drink if it turns into vinegar. As mentioned in Ruling 110, grape juice does not become impure by bubbling.

Ruling 197. If two-thirds of grape juice reduces without bubbling, in the event that the remainder bubbles and is commonly called ‘grape juice’ and not ‘grape syrup’, then based on obligatory precaution it is unlawful to drink.

Ruling 198. Grape juice about which it is not known whether it has bubbled or not is lawful to drink. However, if it bubbles, it does not become lawful to drink until one is certain that two-thirds of it has reduced.

Ruling 199. If, for example, there are some ripe grapes in a bunch of unripe grapes and the juice that is extracted from the bunch is not regarded as being grape juice and it bubbles, then drinking it is lawful.

Ruling 200. If a grape falls into something that is boiling by means of heat and it boils and does not dissolve, then based on obligatory precaution only eating that grape is unlawful.

Ruling 201. If a person wants to cook grape syrup in several pots, it is permitted to use the spatula that was previously used in a pot that has boiled, in a pot that has not boiled.

Ruling 202. If it is not known whether something is an unripe grape or a ripe grape and it bubbles, then eating it is lawful.
Mutahhirat » 6. Transfer (intiqāl) → ← Mutahhirat » 4. Transformation (istiḥālah)
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