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1 Question: What is the ruling on playing backgammon / chess by using the customary pieces, without any betting (gambling)?
Answer: Playing it (backgammon / chess) is absolutely forbidden even without placing a bet.
2 Question: My friend who lives in another country an I would like to play backgammon / chess online?
Answer: It is absolutely forbidden, even playing it with another person online.
3 Question: What is the ruling on playing backgammon / chess, without betting, on my own with the computer, smart phone device (i.e. against no other person, but the game)?
Answer: Playing it (backgammon / chess) in such circumstance is forbidden (obligatory precaution)
4 Question: Is playing chess and backgammon, without betting, permissible?
Answer: It is absolutlely not permissible to play both.
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