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Question & Answer » Friday Prayer (Jumu'ah)

1 Question: There are two mosques in one city and Friday prayer is held in both of them? Given that they are very close to each other, is the prayer valid?
Answer: If the distance between the two mosques is one Farsakh (5.5km approximately) or more, the prayers are in order.
2 Question: Is Friday Prayer behind a Sunni prayer leader sufficient for Dhuhr?
Answer: No, it is not sufficient.
3 Question: Is one entitled to object to the holding of Friday prayer by claiming that the marjas of the Muslims in Najaf and Qum do not establish it, while knowing that in the city in which the mukallaf resides, most of the residents perform Friday prayer on the basis of their fiqh?
Answer: One is not entitled to do that. As for non-holding of Friday (prayer) by the marjas, who are of the opinion that it (Friday prayer) is superior to Dhuhr (prayer) and the former replacing it (Dhuhr), may be due to personal excuses or the like. This does not prevent others from establishing it (Friday prayer).
4 Question: Does performing Friday (jumu'ah) prayer compensate for midday (Dhuhr) prayer or not? Is Friday prayer superior to the midday prayer?
Answer: Performing Friday prayer in such a way that all appropriate conditions are fulfilled, according to the shari'ah, is superior to performing Dhuhr (prayer). If the Mukallaf (dutybound Muslim) performs it (Friday prayer) as such, then it (Friday prayer) replaces it (Dhuhr).
5 Question: Is Friday prayer obligatory?
Answer: It is wajib-e takhyeri, meaning it is obligatory but optional at the same time; that is, if a person performs Friday prayer, he does not have to say Dhuhr (noon) prayer.
6 Question: Is it correct to say that the Friday prayer is of two Rak`ats, just like Fajr prayer, however, after Surat-al-Hamd for each Rak`ah we read Surat al-Jum'ah (in the first Rak`ah) and Surat al-Munafiqun (in the second Rak`ah). Is this correct?
Answer: There are 2 Rak’ats in Friday prayer. Reciting the two Suras that you have mentioned is not necessary in Friday prayer. You can recite Surahs other than them.
7 Question: Which is better and more recommended on Friday, Jumu'ah prayer or Dhuhr prayer?
Answer: Friday prayer with all its necessary conditions is preferred and more virtuous.
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