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1 Question: Are playing wrestling, boxing, Taekwando, or Karate as a sport allowed?
Answer: It is permissible to engage in them, without betting as long as it does not lead to serious bodily harm.
2 Question: Is it permissible to watch or engage in sports games?
Answer: It is permissible to engage in sports games with balls like football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, table tennis, handball, etc. It is also permissible to watch such games at the sports stadiums or on various displays and monitors with payment or without payment as long as that does not entail a Haram act, like looking with lust, or neglecting an obligation like prayer (Salat).
3 Question: Some permissible games use dice in them. So is it allowed to play with it?
Answer: There is no problem in using it, as long as its not involved in gambling games.
4 Question: Is it permissible to play games of chance of all kinds on electronic machines (computers) without betting or with betting?
Answer: It is not permissible to play it, if it involves betting. It is also not permissible to play it, without betting, if the game is considered in common views as means for gambling.
5 Question: Is playing cricket forbidden? And what about watching cricket and other sports on television?
Answer: There is no objection in it.
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