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1 Question: Which is better and more recommended on Jum'ah? Jum'ah prayer or zohar prayer?
Answer: Friday prayer is more significant and and there is more reward in it.
2 Question: I have a quick query regarding Friday prayer performed by Shia. Is it correct to say that the Friday prayer is of two Rak`ats, just like Fajr prayer, however, after Surat-al-Hamd for each Rak`ah we read Surat al-Jum'ah (in the first Rak`ah) and Surat al-Munafiqun (in the second Rak`ah). Is this correct?
Answer: There are 2 Rak’ats in Friday prayer. Reciting the two Suras that you have mentioned is not necessary in Friday prayer. You can recite Qur’anic chapters other than them.
3 Question: Is Friday prayer obligatory?
Answer: It is wajib-e takhyeri, meaning it is obligatory but optional at the same time; that is, if a person says Friday prayer, he does not have to say Noon prayer.
4 Question: Does performing Friday (jumu'ah) prayer compensate for noon (zuhr) prayer or not? Is Friday prayer superior to the noon prayer?
Answer: Performing Friday prayer in such a way that all appropriate conditions are fulfilled, according to the shari'ah, is superior to performing noon (prayer). If the mukallaf (duty-bound) performs it (Friday prayer) as such, then it (Friday prayer) replaces it (zuhr).
5 Question: I have not been able to attend Friday prayers for many weeks. What should I do?
Answer: If you performed Zuhr prayer, it is sufficient.
6 Question: There are two mosques in one city and Friday prayer is held in both of them? Given that they are very close to each other, is the prayer valid?
Answer: If the distance between the two mosques is one Farsakh (5/5km approximately) or more, the prayers are in order. If the distance is less, the prayer which is performed first is valid.
7 Question: Can I perform Jumu'ah prayers with Sunnis?
Answer: You should perform Zuhr prayer separately; performing Jumu'ah prayers with them is not enough.
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