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1 Question: If a person breaks his oath, what is the penalty?
Answer: If a person takes an oath that he will perform an act (e.g. that he will fast) or will refrain from doing an act (e.g. that he will not smoke), but does not intentionally act according to his oath, he should give Kaffarah for it, he should fully feed ten indigent persons 750 grams of food stuffs (wheat or bread or rice), or should provide them with clothes.
2 Question: What is the Kaffara for breaking one's fast intentionally?
Answer: One who has broken his fast intentionally he must, in addition to making up the Qadha of that day, and it is sufficient that he may feed 60 poor believer (Momin - abiding to the Islamic laws) to their fill or he must give 750 grams of food stuffs (wheat or bread or rice) to each one of them, or fast for 60 days. One may authorise an agent, to perform the feedings of the poor on his behalf.
3 Question: I travelled a day in the month of Ramadhan, and during the year I was unable to perform the Qadha fast, what is Kaffarah of delaying the Qadha of fast?
Answer: If a person does not give the Qadha of his fast until the next Ramadhan, he should give 750 grams of food stuffs (wheat or bread or rice) to the poor for each missed day and must perform the Qadha fast too.
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