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1 Question: Eleven weeks ago I gave birth to a baby girl. However, since then I have been in a state of slight istihaza. when I read Sistani's Resalah I am under the impression that after the Nifas period and the 10 days Istihaza I would treat the blood to be Haiz if it fall during my Haiz habit (even if it does not bear signs of Haiz) and istihaza on other days. However, I have also been informed that since I am breastfeeding and it does not bear the signs, all of it is istihaza. Can you clarify this for me?
Answer: from the time when the child birth takes place, the blood seen by the mother is Nifas, provided that it stops before or on completion of the tenth day. While in the condition of Nifas, a woman is called Nafsa.
If Nifas blood is seen by a mother for more than 10 days and she has a fixed habit of Hayz, then her Nifas will be equal to the duration of Hayz and the rest would be Istihaza. And, for example, if she does not have a fixed habit of Hayz, doubting between 6, 7, or 8 days she would take the maximum 8 days as those of Hayz, and treat the rest as Istihaza.
2 Question: Is it permissible for the husband to go to bed with his wife after the expiration of her Nifas (bleeding that occurs after childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion), which is ten days, and the continuation of discharge of an Istihadha type, noting that bleeding continued for some eighteen days?
Answer: It is permissible, after the ten days.
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