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1 Question: Can a man or woman who is in the state of Janabah read the Quran?
Answer: Yes, he or she can read it, except for the verses which include the obligatory Sajdah (prostration).
2 Question: Can a woman who is in her menstrual period listen, read or touch the Quran?
Answer: Yes, she can read the Quran except for the those verses which include obligatory Sajdah, and also she cannot touch the scripts of the Quran. She can listen to the Quran, including the verses of obligatory Sajdah, and if they listen to the verses of obligatory Sajdah, they must perform Sajdah
3 Question: What is the stand on giving a non-Muslim the Qur`an for him or her to learn about the Qur`an and our faith if it is Arabic text?
Answer: Given the supposition made, if the Quran is not made Najis or disrespected by them, there would be no problem.
4 Question: How could one go about dispensing with papers carrying the names of Allãh or the Infallibles, as well as some loose pages of the Qur’ãn, when it is not possible for us to throw them in the sea or the river? That said, we do not know where would the garbage end up and what is done with it?
Answer: It is not permissible to put them in rubbish bins because that involves desecration and disrespect. However there is no problem in erasing the writings on the papers even by using some chemicals, burying them in a clean place, or shredding them .
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