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1 Question: I am a worker working daily for a construction company. Given that we are in a hot season of the year and the days are long, can I give up fasting and observe the Qadha later?
Answer: If fasting prevents him from doing work as the sole source of earning of his livelihood i.e. it causes him weakness to the extent that he is unable to fast or causes excessive thirst, making it unbearable for him to fast, hence, if it is possible to change his work or to leave work during the month of Ramadhan using his savings or borrowing money from someone, he should make niyyah of fasting at dawn and should abstain from eating and drinking until it becomes extremely difficult to fast in which case it is permissible to eat or drink at the time of extreme hunger and thirst, respectively, and the precaution is that he should suffice to the necessary amount (of food or water). He should continue fasting for the rest of the day, and he should also observe the qadha of that day after the month of Ramadhan and he will not be liable to any kaffara (compensation).
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