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1 Question: A believer fasts but does not know that intentionally getting into state of janabat invalidates fasting—what should he do [when he finds out]?
Answer: It is obligatory on him to make up those fasts; however, there is no penalty on him as long as he was [erroneously] convinced that being in a state of janabah does not invalidate fast or was unaware of that ruling.
2 Question: If a person ejaculates in his sleep, does his fast become void?
Answer: If a person observing fast knows that if he sleeps during the day time he will become Mohtalim (i.e. semen will be discharged from his body during sleep) it is permissible for him to sleep, even if he may not be inconvenienced by not sleeping. And if he becomes Mohtalim, his fast does not become void.
3 Question: A discharges fluid when she starts thinking about her husband or when seeing something simply exciting? Does the emission make her fast void?
Answer: The fluid which a woman feels during foreplay or lustful thinking but it is not much to spread to other parts, is clean. Ghusl does not become obligatory in this case and it does not make wudhu void either but if there is much fluid and is called ejaculation and the fluid spreads to the underwear and this normally takes place during orgasm and full satisfaction, the fluid is najis (impure) and in this case ghusl becomes obligatory. In fact, if emission takes place without orgasm, the necessary precaution is that it is najis and it causes janabah.
Hence, if a woman enters the state of janabah intentionally with the details mentioned above, both Qadha and kaffara become obligatory on her. The obligatory precaution is that she should restrain from eating and drinking for the rest of the day.
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