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1 Question: Is it permissible to have a long beard?
Answer: It is better that the length of beard does not exceed the width of a fist.
2 Question: Some men shave their beard and leave some hair on the chin alone. Is this sufficient according shariah?
Answer: French-cut beard is not sufficient as an obligatory precaution .
3 Question: Is it permissible to shave beard, if one is faced with an unavoidable or a difficult situation?
Answer: A Muslim is allowed to shave his beard, if he is compelled to do so or if he is forced to shave it for medical reasons, etc. It also allowed if he fears harm to his life by not shaving or if growing the beard would put him in difficulty (for example, if it becomes a cause of ridicule and humiliation that is not normally tolerable by a Muslim).
4 Question: If a person commits harãm by shaving his beard by razor baled on day one, is it permissible for him to do the same on the second, the third, the fourth day and so on?
Answer: It is compulsory to refrain from it as a measure of precaution.
5 Question: Is it permissible to shave the two sides of the face and leave the hair on the chin?
Answer: Shaving the beard is haram based on obligatory precaution, and this includes the hair that grows on the sides of the face. However, there is no problem in shaving the hair that grows on the cheeks.
6 Question: At times the big companies in Europe discriminate —among those who come to them seeking jobs— between those who shave their beards and those who don’t shave them. If this is true, then is it permissible to be clean shave in order to get the job?
Answer: Shaving the beard —whose prohibition is based on obligatory precaution— would not become permissible just by the desire to get a job with these companies.
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