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1 Question: I have been told that I am under Black Magic. I feel that my mind is blocked and I cannot think and concentrate deeply. Also, I cannot think constructively which is destroying my professional and personal life. Kindly suggest me duas / amaal which I can do to come out of this painful trauma.
Answer: We advise you to read the Holy Quran, particularly the four chapters that begin with "Qul" i.e. "Qul howallahu ahad", "Qul yaa ayyohal kaferoon", "Qul a'uzo berabbil falagh", and "Qul yaa ayyohal kaferoon". At the same time, you should visit a doctor.
2 Question: Is it permissible to use white magic which is employed for good and is the opposite of black magic which is used by evil persons?
Answer: Magic in all its shapes and forms is forbidden [even that which is used to undo magic] unless the matter rests upon a greater benefit such as saving the life of a respected person.
3 Question: Is the practice of magic permissible?
Answer: Magic, in whatever form or guise it comes, is haraam [including that which is used to invalidate magic plots], unless more important interest was served, such as the preservation of life.
4 Question: My wife fell into a deep coma. She was very healthy, and just carrying some water and then all of a sudden she collapsed while talking. She was rushed to the hospital immediately and it was found that her blood pressure was very low and due to this her brain did not receive oxygen for 2 hours. The doctors are unable to explain how she has fallen ill and I am also a doctor and also I cannot explain how this has happened. Is she suffering from some sort of black magic?
Answer: You must take her to a specialist. Do not engage your mind thinking about black magic or things like that. All things are in Allah's hand.
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