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1 Question: Is there any restriction to wear pant having a long bottom, so that it come under our feet?
Answer: In the present time, the context of hijab is the modest covering of a Muslim woman. A woman should not show her beauty or adornments except what appears by uncontrolled factors such as the wind blowing her clothes, and the head covers should be drawn so as to cover the hair, the neck and the bosom.
2 Question: Are girls and women allowed to wear black coat and scarf all year round, even when it's not Muharram?
Answer: There is no problem in it. Wearing full black is reprehensible in the supposition made in the question.
3 Question: Clothing products in the West are made in many countries (China, India, etc…) and many leather products do not specify what kind of leather it is. In this case, what is the ruling on wearing such products?
Answer: If you are not certain that the leather is natural, the leather product is treated as pure and it is not necessary to investigate. And if you are certain the leather product is natural and you do not consider it probable that it may have been imported from an Islamic country or made from the hide of an Islamically - slaughtered animal, the leather is treated as impure and prayer in it is not permissible. In cases other than the ones mentioned above, the leather is pure and prayer in it is permissible.
4 Question: We Muslims in Europe buy shoes, belts and other clothing items made of leather which may come from animals killed in non-Islamic way. At times such items are imported from Muslim countries or obtained from Muslim abattoirs here (since there are a few Muslim abattoirs in the U.K. for example).
Can we consider such leather to be pure (tãhir) in the probability that it might have been imported from Muslim countries or obtained from abattoirs adopting Islamic way of slaughtering, even if such a probability is very weak?
Answer: If the probability is so weak that the opposite is more likely (for example, 2%), it should not even be considered. Otherwise [if the probability is high], there is no problem in considering it to be pure (tãhir). Allãh knows the best.
5 Question: Is it permissible for a man to wear a watch that contains parts made from gold or a watch whose strap is made of gold? Is it permissible to say salãt with it?
Answer: It is not permissible and prayer in it is void.
6 Question: Is it permissible to wear clothes that have pictures of intoxicating drinks as a promotion for drinking them? Is it permissible to sell such items?
Answer: It is forbidden to wear and sell them.
7 Question: Even though some manufacturers write on their products that they have been made of natural silk, we doubt such a claim because of the goods being very cheap. Is it permissible for us to wear such an item and say salãt in it?
Answer: With doubt [whether the silk is pure], it is permissible to wear and say salãt in it.
8 Question: Jurists have decreed that it is forbidden [for men] to wear pure and natural silk. Is it permissible for a man to wear silk that is mixed with other material if that clothing item is a necktie [or the normal tie]? And is it forbidden for man to wear the necktie, if it is made of natural and pure silk?
Answer: It is not forbidden to wear a tie, even if it is from pure silk because it is not [big enough material] to cover the private parts that must be covered [in prayer]. As for the item that is mixed with other material to the extent that it cannot be described as “pure silk,” it is permissible to wear, even if it [is big enough so that it] can cover the private parts that must be covered [in prayer].
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