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1 Question: What is the ruling on copying computer software, movies, audio CDs and other such things, which bear the wording “All Rights Reserved” or “Copyright”? Does this rule apply equally to Muslim made products and those made by non-Muslim individuals or companies?
Answer: Copyrights must be respected; it is not permissible to copy a software product, if it is against the law.
2 Question: A lot of Islamic books and software have copyrights on them. What is the Islamic view of copyrights? If I photocopy a book or duplicate a CD with a copyright am I doing a sin?
Answer: It is permissible, per se, to make personal use of such copyrighted books and software.
3 Question: Can I use cracked CD software?
Answer: If someone else has cracked the software, you can use it.
4 Question: Is it permissible to sell CDs and pirated software?
Answer: If it is against the law, it is not permissible but you can use them.
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