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1 Question: Can one lead Eid prayers, if they are a traveller?
Answer: There is no problem in it,
2 Question: When is the time for Eid prayer?
Answer: The time for Eid prayers is from sunrise till the time of Dhuhr prayers.
3 Question: If Eid al-Fitr coincided with the day of Friday, can we pray both Friday and Eid prayers?
Answer: Yes, it is in fine,
4 Question: I joined the Eid prayers in first Rak`ah when the imam had already said 2 or 3 Takbirs. At that time I was not sure that it’s the first Rak`ah or second, so I made the Niyyah & joined the prayer. Afterwards when the prayer proceeded I came to know that I joined the prayer in the first Rak`ah but had missed around 2 takbirs (& Qunuts). Is the prayer correct or not?
Answer: The prayer is in order.
5 Question: Can an Imam of prayer, lead two separate Eid prayers?
Answer: He should not lead the second prayer (obligatory prayer),
6 Question: Can one perform Eid prayers, (Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha), at home, by myself, or must I recite these prayers in congregation at the mosque?
Answer: There is no problem in reciting the Eid prayers by yourself alone (Furada).
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