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1 Question: Whenever I am thinking about a beautiful woman, there comes out a liquid that is very similar to semen? Is it semen? How can I understand that it is semen or a clean discharge?
Answer: The said liquid is clean. However, when one cannot ascertain whether the fluid emitted from one's body is semen, urine or something else, it will be treated as semen if it is thrown out with lust and if the body is slackened. If all or some of these signs are not present the fluid will not be treated as semen. In the case of illness, the fluid may not come out with sudden swiftness and the body may not slacken; but if the emission takes place with lust, it will be treated as semen.
If a fluid emitted by a healthy person possesses one of the aforesaid three signs and he does not know whether or not it also possessed other signs, and if before the emission he was with wudhu he will content himself with that wudhu. And if he was not with wudhu, it would be sufficient for him to perform wudhu only, and Ghusl would not be necessary.
2 Question: Does Ghusl become obligatory when ejaculation takes place?
Answer: Yes, it does.
3 Question: Is precum impure? Precum is the pre-ejaculate fluid.
Answer: No, it is not impure.
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