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1 Question: Is it permissible to eat lobster, crayfish, and snails?
Answer: It is not permissible to eat from marine animals anything except fish that has scale; shrimp is considered from that category [of permissible sea animals]. But other than fish, like lobster, and similarly the fish that does not have scale is forbidden.
2 Question: What type of fish is halal to eat.
Answer: Fish that have scales are halal, other types of fish are haram.
3 Question: Can we eat a fish that has died in water?
Answer: It is Haram to eat fish that has died in water, if the fish died in the fishing net then its permissible to eat.
4 Question: Is shellfish Halal?
Answer: It is not Halal.
5 Question: Can I eat fish in a non-Muslim restaurant?
Answer: You must make sure that it is a fish that has scales, even though its scales may have fallen off due to some incident, and one is confident that the fish was caught alive in the water or that it died in the fishing net in the water, which is the usual case, otherwise you cannot consume it
6 Question: If I am unsure whether a fish is from the type which has scales or not, is it permissible for me to consume it?
Answer: When there is a doubt of the type of fish, then it is not permissible,
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