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Question & Answer » Forbidden Acts During Ihram

1 Question: If covering the head was recurrent in each ihram, should kaffarah (atonement or expiation) be repeated [for every incident]?
Answer: It is likely that one kaffarah for each ihram would do.
2 Question: If someone else cast a shade over you while you are walking, is kaffara obligatory?
Answer: If one cannot get out of the shade, there shall be no kaffara. If you were able to get out, and you did not, even for forestalling a harm, Kaffara is obligatory.
3 Question: Is a pilgrim allowed to scratch his head, if he feels uncomfortable. There is a chance that his hair may fall off.
Answer: There is no objection to scratching and he should not investigate or look for any hair.
4 Question: Can a person brush his teeth during Ihram, if there is likelihood of bleeding?
Answer: It is permissible.
5 Question: Is it permissible for a man to touch his wife during Ihram?
Answer: yes, however, it is not permissible for a pilgrim, in Ihram, to touch his wife with lust.
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