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1 Question: Sperm was taken from a husband to be implanted in his wife's womb. Afterwards the husband died. The sperm was implanted in the womb of his widow. A male baby was born to the widow. What is the ruling on the born child and inheritance?
Answer: The born child is the offspring of the husband, from whom the sperm was taken. As for the inheritance, the child shall not inherit the father.
2 Question: Does an adopted child inherit?
Answer: No, he does not inherit the person who has adopted him, unless the deceased states in his will specifically that the adopted child shall inherit from the 1/3 estate.
3 Question: Does a temporary wife inherit her husband? What about the child from the temporary marriage?
Answer: No, she does not, and yes, the child does inherit in the same situation as other children.
4 Question: My aunt had received a house from her mother, brothers and sisters by mutual consent from their inheritances. Now my aunt has expired leaving behind only one married daughter (F) a widowed daughter-in-law (L) of her dead son (M) and two grandsons (A) and (H) from her dead son (M). What are their respective inheritances?
Answer: The daughter inherits her mother's entire property.
5 Question: A lady is the only survival heir amongst her two brothers and two sisters. Does she inherit the whole property or is it to be distributed also amongst her dead brothers and sisters’ children?
Answer: If they have children, or any of their parents alive, they inherit the deceased; otherwise she will inherit her brothers and sisters.
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