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1 Question: Is the sweat of sexual intercourse Najis?
Answer: It is Taher (pure), in all cases, whether the sexual intercourse was permissible or forbidden, and the sweat does not invalidate the prayers.
2 Question: Does a woman enter the state of Janabah, if she reaches orgasm without penetration?
Answer: As for the fluid that is discharged from the vagina when a woman engages in foreplay or imagines lustful thoughts and which is not enough to dirty other places [such as her clothing], it is pure and does not require Ghusl to be performed and nor does it invalidate Wuḍū. However, if the discharged fluid is a lot – to the extent that it can be called an ‘ejaculation’ and it dirties clothing – then in case it is discharged when the woman reaches sexual climax and complete sexual satisfaction (orgasm), it is impure and causes Janābah. In fact, even if it is not discharged at that moment, based on obligatory precaution it is impure and causes janābah. And whenever a woman doubts whether or not a discharge of fluid was to this extent, or she doubts whether or not fluid was discharged at all, performing Ghusl is not obligatory on her and nor does it invalidate Wuḍūʾ and Ghusl.
3 Question: When does a man enter the state of Janabah?
Answer: A person becomes Junub (Junub is the term used to refer to a person who is in the state of Janābah) in two ways:
1. sexual intercourse;
2. ejaculation of semen, whether he is asleep or awake, and whether it is a little or a lot, with or without lust, voluntarily or involuntarily.
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