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1 Question: Where is Jabira applicable? I mean how can one make sure that he must perform Jabira instead of washing a sore or a fractured bone?
Answer: Generally speaking, if there is an unbandaged wound, sore, or broken bone in one’s face or hands, and if the use of water is harmful for it, one should wash the parts adjoining the wound. And it is better to pass wet hand on it , if it is not harmful to do so. Therefore, he should place a clean piece of cloth on it, and pass a wet hand over that cloth. But in case this action is also harmful, or the wound is Najis and it cannot be washed, the parts adjoining the wound should be washed from above downwards, and as an obligatory precaution, Tayammum should be done.
2 Question: What is Jabira?
Answer: The splint with which a wound or a fractured bone is bandaged or held tight and the medication applied to a wound etc. is called Jabira.
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