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1 Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim man to go to a mixed swimming pool with the knowledge that the women there wear swimming suits and would not listen to any admonishing?
Answer: Attending mixed swimming pools is not permissible, and also places that men and women are indecently dressed (semi nude) if it results in a sin (Haram), also in accordance to obligatory precaution they should be avoided even if does not result in a sin (Haram).
2 Question: Is looking at one's mother's face Ebadah (a kind of worhsip)?
Answer: Yes, as stated in a tradition, if you look at her face out of kindness and respect when she is old and emaciated, it is a kind of worship.
3 Question: Can I look at a girl whom I intend to marry in the future? I mean can I look at her body in order to see if she is suitable for me or not? There is a probabality that if I like her, I mighy marry her.
Answer: If there is a probability that you will marry her, you can look at her only once.
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