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1 Question: Some people use to steal electricity (Power Supply) by making some modifications in the meter. Is it permissible.
Answer: It is not permissible.
2 Question: What is the concept of co-education in Islam?
Answer: If religious standards are observed and if it entails no evil, there would be no objection in it.
3 Question: Are men and women allowed to work together in the same company?
Answer: If there is no fear of falling into a sin, there would be no objection to it.
4 Question: Is it obligatory to respect liquid containing some ink coming from a sacred text, such as the holy Qur’an and/or a single hair coming from a Qur’anic writing on a rug, etc?
Answer: It is not obligatory.
5 Question: Is taking pictures of a dead body allowed, Haram or Makruh?
Answer: There is no problem in it.
6 Question: Is it right to say ya Ali madad?
Answer: There is no objection in it.
7 Question: People in western countries buy leather furniture, handbags etc not knowing where it has come from, is this leather najis?
Answer: It is clean.
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