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1 Question: What games are forbidden (Haram) to play?
Answer: Playing chess and backgammon is absolutely forbidden, (with or without betting).
As for playing other games, then playing them with the condition of betting (gambling) is forbidden (Haram), and one should avoid playing these games (known as games of gambling), dominoes, billiard, and card games even without betting (Obligatory Precaution).
Any other game which is not considered a game of gambling, and no betting is involved, is permissible to play.
2 Question: Some people play with gambling instruments other than chess and backgammon for enjoyment and without placing a bet.
Answer: It is prohibited to play with all that is considered a gambling instrument even without placing a bet.
3 Question: Is playing chess and backgammon, without betting, permissible?
Answer: It is absolutlely not permissible to play both.
Chess & Backgammon
4 Question: Is buying and selling chess, backgammon, dominoes, billiard, and card games allowed?
Answer: Buying and selling gambling tools and instruments mentioned are forbidden (Haram).
5 Question: What is the ruling on playing backgammon / chess by using the customary pieces, without any betting (gambling)?
Answer: Playing it (backgammon / chess) is absolutely forbidden even without placing a bet.
Chess & Backgammon
6 Question: My friend who lives in another country an I would like to play backgammon / chess online?
Answer: It is absolutely forbidden, even playing it with another person online.
Chess & Backgammon
7 Question: What is the ruling on playing backgammon / chess, without betting, on my own with the computer, smart phone device (i.e. against no other person, but the game)?
Answer: Playing it (backgammon / chess) in such circumstance is forbidden (obligatory precaution)
Chess & Backgammon
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