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Boundaries of Haram

The boundaries of Haram are known and have been handed down from generation to generation. From the north is Tan'eem, north-west is Al-Hudaibiyyah, that is, Shamaisi, north-east is Thaniyyat Jabalil Maqta', east is Batan Namirah, south-east is Ja'ranah and from south-west is Idha'atul Laban.The boundaries of Madinah are the mountains of Aa'ir, Wa'eer and the valleys of Waaqim and Laili. Although it is not obligatory to wear ihram from Madinah, it is not permissible to cut the trees, especially the green ones, and, as a matter of precaution, hunting is not permitted at all.
Place of sacrifice
Rule 283: If the kaffarah was for hunting, in the course of an Umrat-ul-Mufradah in a state of ihram, the animal must be sacrificed in Makkah. If it was in the course of Hajj, the animal must be sacrificed in Mina. As a matter of precaution, the same ruling applies to any other penalty.
Rule 284: If the kaffarah has become due on the pilgrim, in a state of ihram, for hunting or otherwise, but it was not fulfilled, until after completing the pilgrimage and arriving home, he is, evidently, free to kill the animal wherever he likes .
Disbursement of the sacrifice
All penalties, incurred by the pilgrim, must be handed to the poor and the needy. As a matter of precaution, he must refrain from eating it; if he did so, as a matter of precaution (al ahwat), he must pay its price to the poor.
Tawaf → ← Matters forbidden within (The Haram)
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