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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

In a positive response to the request made by the Muslim Ummah for handling their affairs and tackling their religious matters and with an intention to continue the path of his noble predecessors i.e. our dignified religious scholars and Mujtahedeen, His Eminence Ayatollah Uzma Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani never failed - after shouldering the responsibility of Majaeyat - to do his best to uplift and care for the sacred religion of Islam.
The office of His Eminence is currently providing the following services:
1- Board of Istifta (Replying to religious questions).
2- Helping the poor, needy, homeless and those who have suffered losses by earthquakes and floods.
3- Sending books for people who want to understand and learn Islam.
4- Regular Distribution of monthly allowances among religious students who are busy studying in Religious Seminaries.
5- Hajj delegation
6- Sending preachers.

Board of Istifta

This board is a link between His Eminence Ayatollah Sistani and people. It provides them with answers to questions pertaining to religious, ideological, social and educational matters in accordance with the verdicts and rulings of His Eminence.
In this field there is a committe it's members amongst the respected scholars and Ulema which they are his excellency Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyed Seestani ( Allah take care of him ) students. The answers principality to retrieve the Fatwa from his excellence books, and to be derived from the previous fatwas. If there are'nt any satisfaction if they were'nt the correct answers, the committe will send the questions to his excellence office in the Holy city of NAJAF ASHRAF (in Iraq).
We would like to call your attention that there are some cases the answers are opposite to his excellency practical message (Resalah) origin text. The reason maybe his excellence had changed his views or maybe there are some printing mistakes in his Resalah...etc.
The committe also welcoming the religious, jurisprudence and doctrine questions in addition to the questions which related to the religion. Always they try to be the answers according to his excellence views. Some answers not belong to the FATWA issues...they are refered to believes and others. Maybe the answers were accepted by the committe members and the respected scholars. Some time the committe dont answer some questions which are related to personal affairs, and his excellency prohibited to answer these questions and the similiar to them. Or may be they dont answers the junk questions.
We pray to His Almighty Allah Subhaneh to supervise our intentions and to accept our islamic actions and to guide us to the right path of ahlul Bayt (a.s) Teachings and to serve the ISLAM and MUSLIM UMMAH.

Allowance Distribution

Grand Ayatollah Sistani attached great importance to preserving Islamic teachings and values. He believes priority should be given to theological centers and religious seminaries which play crucial and momentous roles in promulgating the religion of Ahlilbayt (a.s.) and its teachings and that they (Religious Seminaries) are great universities from which thousands of preachers, researchers, scholars, Mujtahedeen and experts have graduated and are still graduating in various fields.
Owing to this reason, the office of His Excellency is spending annually a huge of amount of fund to support theological centers which total 300 hundred in Iran with 35000 thousand students in Qom, 10 thousand in Mashhad and four thousand in Isfahan. Moreover, students of these seminaries are provided with whatever means necessary for their comfort and tranquility. The Office has already built many libraries and computer networks. It also provides them with refrigerators, freezers, coolers, carpets and other necessary means of tranquility.
Perhaps, one of the biggest projects of the Office of His Eminence is providing residence for the religious students. Many housing complexes have thus far been built and many more are being constructed. Besides this, the Office dispatches Muballegheen (preachers) to all provinces of Iran giving them financial support. This is in addition to the visits paid by a group of representatives go to different theological centers throughout the country to regularly keep the office informed of their programs, activities and achievements.
It would be worth knowing that distribution of Shahria (monthly allowance) in other countries is as follows:

1. Syria.
2. Pakistan.
3. India.
4. Lebanon.
5. Afghanistan.

Similarly, the office of His Eminence is - in one way or the other -- providing assistance to different Shia theological, cultural and religious centers available in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Hajj Mission

Hajj Missions Group carries out many activities during Hajj season. We may enumerate a few of them as under:
1- Hajj is an opportunity which do not repeat itself for most people. Therefore, it is necessary upon every individual to avail of this opportunity in the best possible manner and to make sure that what he performs as part of the Hajj ceremony are valid and correct. For this very reason Hajj Mission Group is doing its best to help pilgrims proceed with the rituals correctly and accordingly. It provides answers to questions and solves problems faced by pilgrims during Hajj ceremony.
2- Another important task carried out by this group is regular and continuous meeting with members of Hajj caravans that come together in Makkah from various nooks and corners of the world. The meetings are intended to help pilgrims get religious awareness and be informed of the significance of their contact with the Religious Authority.
3- Meeting religious, scientific and social personalities arriving in Makkah and Madina for pilgrimage. The representatives of the office of His Eminence discuss with them ways and channels of coordinating efforts and further expansion of relation with the religious authority.
4- Giving special attention to religious scholars, assisting them financially and supporting them in one form or the other.

Dispatching Preachers

For this momentous task there is a special department bound to act, supervise and coordinate in the process of dispatching Muballegheen (preachers) in and out of Iran. Inside Iran hundreds of Muballeghin are sent to different parts of the country especially during the holy months of Muharram and Ramadhan. Also dozens of Muballeghin are sent out of Iran on the request of religious organizations based in African, American, Caucasian, Arab, south east Asian countries, Australia etc. That is in addition to the means and necessities they carry with themselves for the religious organizations working in those regions.

Sending Books

This department sends books and specialized magazines, cassettes and CDs about Shia for free to those who request for them in and out of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Some of the most important work done by this board are as follows:
1- Temporary and permanent assistance for poor and needy people.
2- Assistance for committees and organizations holding mourning ceremonies.
3- Medical Aid
4- Assistance in the holy of Ramadhan.
5- Assistance for marriage.
6- Help Center for Afghan Refugees.
7- Relief Center for the Poor, Needy & Affected People.
8- Iraqi Immigrants Relief Center.



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