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Irregularities in Tawaf

Rule 307: It is permissible to deliberately cut short optional tawaf. It is permissible too to interrupt obligatory tawaf for a pressing need or for any reason for that matter.
Rule 308: If, without good reason, the pilgrim steps out of the course of tawaf, completing the fourth round, the tawaf is invalid and has to be repeated. If it was after the fourth round, tawaf, as a matter of precaution, must be completed and then repeated. However, if the tawaf was optional, he may complete the remaining rounds, provided that he does not break the sequence.
Rule 309: If menstruation of a lady commences in the course of tawaf, it is obligatory on her to abandon it and leave the Masjid-ul-Haraam immediately. The rule governing such a case has already been discussed in the preceding 'Conditions for Tawaf'.
Rule 310: A pilgrim, performing tawaf, may find it necessary to interrupt it, due to sickness, carrying out an errand for a fellow believer, or attending to his own business.If tawaf was obligatory, and he had completed the fourth round, his tawaf is valid. However, if he abandons it before completing the fourth round, his tawaf is invalidated. If tawaf was a recommended one, he can continue from where he stopped, even though he had not completed four rounds.
Rule 311: It is permissible to sit down to rest, in the course of tawaf, but it must not be prolonged so much so that the sequence, as is widely held, be broken; in that event, the tawaf becomes invalid and has to be performed again.
Rule 312: If a pilgrim interrupts tawaf in order to obtain the merit of praying at the earliest time, or join congregational prayer, or perform a mustahab prayer, he must complete the tawaf from where he interrupted it after completing his prayer.He should, as a matter of precaution, repeat tawaf after completing it, if the interruption was in the course of an obligatory tawaf and had occurred before completing the fourth round.
Rule 313: During tawaf, a pilgrim may inadvertently omit parts thereof, yet becomes aware of the lapse before the chain of continuity is broken. If this is the case, he must complete his tawaf, which will then be deemed valid.He may become aware of it after the sequence has been interrupted. He may as well has forgotten to perform either one, two or three rounds; thus, he should perform same; the tawaf will then be considered valid. If he cannot perform it personally, even though he may have remembered after returning home, he may hire an agent to perform it for him.If he has forgotten more than three rounds, he should return and perform the missed ones. It is better, though, that having done so, he should, as a matter of precaution, perform another full tawaf,
Tawaf prayer → ← Stepping out of the bounds of Tawaf
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