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Ruling 93. The blood of a human being and every animal whose blood gushes out (i.e. an animal whose blood runs out with a gush when its jugular vein is cut) is impure. Therefore, the blood of an animal whose blood does not gush out, such as fish or mosquitoes, is pure.

Ruling 94. If an animal whose meat is lawful to eat is killed in accordance with the instructions of Islamic law, and a sufficient amount of the animal’s blood runs out, the blood that remains in its body is pure. However, the blood that goes back into the body of the animal as a result of the animal breathing, or because its head was at a high level, is impure.

Ruling 95. The recommended precaution is that the yolk of an egg that has a particle of blood in it should be avoided [i.e. it is better not to consume it].

Ruling 96. The blood that is sometimes seen when milking an animal is impure and it makes the milk impure.

Ruling 97. If blood that comes from in between the teeth disappears by becoming mixed with saliva, it is not necessary to avoid swallowing the saliva [i.e. it is not ruled as being impure].

Ruling 98. If dead blood forms under the nail or skin as a result of a blow and it becomes such that it can no longer be called ‘blood’, it is pure; but, if it can be called ‘blood’ and it becomes evident, it is impure. Furthermore, in the event that the nail or skin is pierced such that the blood is considered to be an outer part of the body, and if bringing out the blood and purifying the area for the purposes of wuḍūʾ or ghusl would cause one excessive difficulty (mashaqqah), then one must perform tayammum (dry ablution).

Ruling 99. If a person does not know whether some blood under the skin is dead blood or if the flesh has become like that as a result of a blow to it, it is pure.

Ruling 100. If at the time of boiling some food, a particle of blood falls into the food, then based on obligatory precaution all the food and the pot become impure, and boiling, heat, and fire do not purify it.

Ruling 101. If it is not known whether or not pus that is found around a wound while it is healing is mixed with blood, it is pure.
Najis things » 6. & 7. Dog and pig → ← Najis things » 4. Corpse
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