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3. Using water is harmful → ← 1. Not having water

2. Not having access to water

Ruling 653. If a person does not have access to water on account of old age, weakness, fear of a thief or an animal and suchlike, or on account of not having the means to draw water out from a well, he must perform tayammum.

Ruling 654. If a bucket, rope, or a similar thing is needed for drawing water out from a well and one would need to purchase or hire it, he must do so even if he has to pay much more than the usual price for it. Similarly, if water is being sold at a much higher price [he must purchase it]. However, if purchasing these requires so much money that it would harm him financially and cause him extraordinary difficulty, it is not obligatory for him to purchase them.

Ruling 655. If a person has to borrow money to procure water, he must do so. However, it is not obligatory to borrow money if one knows or supposes that he will not be able to repay the loan.

Ruling 656. One must dig a well to obtain water as long as it is not excessively difficult to do so.

Ruling 657. One must accept water if it is given to him without any obligation.
3. Using water is harmful → ← 1. Not having water
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