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DISTRIBUTION OF ZAKAT → ← The niṣāb for sheep


Goods which a person comes to own through a contract of exchange (ʿaqd al‑muʿāwaḍah)[1] and which he keeps for business and profit earning is, based on obligatory precaution, liable for zakat if certain conditions are fulfilled. The zakat on such property is one-fortieth [2.5%]. The conditions are listed below.

The owner must be bāligh and sane.

The goods must have a value of at least fifteen mithqāls of coined gold or 105 mithqāls of coined silver.

One year must have passed from the time the owner intended to make a profit from the goods.

The intention to make a profit must remain throughout the year; therefore, if the owner changes his mind during the year and, for example, decides to spend it on his living expenses, then zakat is not obligatory.

The owner must have right of disposal over them throughout the year.

Throughout the year, the goods must be saleable for an amount equal to, or more than, the capital outlay. Therefore, if during a period of the year the goods are not saleable for the amount that is [at least] equal to the capital outlay, it is not obligatory for him to give zakat on them.

[1] This is a contract in which something is given in exchange for something else.
DISTRIBUTION OF ZAKAT → ← The niṣāb for sheep
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