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Specialized Library of Hadith Sciences

This library was opened on 13th of Rajab 1418 (a.h.) on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the Commander of Faithful, Ali (a.s.). The inauguration ceremony had been attended by many religious scholars, researchers and experts.
The library remains open for students of religion and researchers during morning and evening hours.
Books totaling 15000 volumes are available in this library under the following titles:
1- Shia Hadiths (1900) volumes.
2- Rijal (reporters) sciences (300) volumes. 3- Lexicons and Glossaries (500) volumes.
4- Shia Hadith references in English, French and German languages (80) volumes.
5- Hadith magazines (200) versions.
6- Sunni hadiths (1850) volumes.
7- Hadith sciences, their terms and phrases (600) volumes.
8- Ahle Sunna Rijal (600) volumes.
This library is working the supervision of some scholars, researchers and writers.

Address: Alley 17 Fatimi Street, Qom - Iran.
Tel: 0098 25-37733026

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