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Specialized Library of Literature

Formal inauguration of this library took place on 20th of Jamadi al-Thani 1418 A.H. on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Fatima-tu-Zahra - peace and blessing of Allah be upon her. This library, which has been established specially for Shia literature, consists of 45 thousand books in Arabic and Farsi languages in addition to many a number of audio and video cassettes.
It has been connected with internet by Aalulbayt Global Information Center and so far it has been able to hold more than 30 literary and scientific discussion programs attended by prominent religious scholars.

Books published by this library:
1. Sayyid Al-Nakhil Al-Maqfa.
2. Lil-Zahra Shaza al-Kalimat.
3. Al-Mujtaba bain wa Meiz Al-Harf wa Wahj Alqafia.
4. Al-Shaikh Abdul Mun'eem, his life and literature.

This library is in contact with libraries in and out of Iran and is also prepared to reply to any questions regarding literature.

Address: Adjacent to Aalulbayt Institution building, Sumayyah Street, Qom - Iran
P.O. Box No. 513/73185
Tel: 0098-25-37732015
Fax: 0098-25-37732014

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