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Risalat Center

There is no doubt that Islam attaches great importance to man's moral behavior and conduct. Religious awareness, divine values and concepts propagated by the Holy Prophet of Islam and the Holy Quran carry great momentum and are vital for the Islamic society. It is the responsibility of each and every Muslim to guard, protect and defend teachings, beliefs and territories of Islam. For this reason, the office of His Eminence established "Markaz Al-Risalah" (Rislat Center) to confront misleading thoughts and waves which threaten a Muslim's Islamic identity.
The foregoing center intends to publish and issue a series of lessons to introduce Islam according to the religion of Ahlalbayt (a.s.). Following categories are focused by this center:
- Ideology.
- Education and Ethics.
- History of civilization.
- Introduction of scholars and personalities.

The series of lessons which are published into pocket size booklets, consist of various topics most of which concentrating on replying to propounded questions and doubts. The programs of the center proceed in the following manner:

1- Compiling new books.
2- Summarizing books chosen by the center.
3- Excerpting from and extracting chapters from books of previous and contemporary writers.
The booklets published by this center are in simple and modern Arabic language.

Address: Markaz Al-Risalah, Sumayyah Street, Qom - Iran
P. O. Box No. 737 / 73185
Tel: 00982537732013

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