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Ideological Research Center

Ideological Research Center is one of the projects which was inaugurated by the office of His Eminence, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the eighth holy Imam, Imam Reza - peace be upon him. The center was established with an intention to do researches on religious topics and to reply to questions and doubts raised about religious and ideological issues. Activities of the center are briefly explained as below:
1 - The Center's Specialized Library
This library started working from the day the center itself was inaugurated. It consists of books and materials related to activities of the center. More and more books, magazines and periodicals are being purchased and collected from all parts of the world, specially from international book fairs that are held now and then, so as to add to the collection and to the number of books which total fourteen thousands already.
2 - Replying to Questions and Doubts
There is a special board for answering questions and doubts. The board is divided into two groups:
A - One that extracts doubts from old and new books and articles written by anti -Ahlulbayt elements.
B - The other that collects books and answers written and given, respectively, by Shia scholars on doubts raised against Shia.

Special Attention to Shia Converts
Shia converts are given special attention. They are helped get in touch with those who have accepted Shia earlier. Books written by earlier Shia converts are provided for recent Shia converts thus enabling them to further improve and get information about the religion of Ahlalbayt (a.s.). Those Shia converts, who are able to write, are encouraged and helped to write books of their own. The center keeps itself in touch with Shia converts by corresponding with them. It has already published a series of books titled:
(Silsilatul Rehla Ela al-thaqalain). These series consist of articles written by Shia converts. So far only six volumes of them have been published.

Facts and Information
This section collects facts and information about Shia and its enemies so as to know different sects and creeds - Islamic and non-Islamic. The information is achieved through magazines, computer software, internet, satellite channels, Shia institutes, preachers, Shia converts etc. This section intends to publish a book under the title of "Shia in the World" which will bear detailed information about Shia ideology and principles.

Other Sections of the Center
- Department of Religious Dialogues and Forums
- Internet
- Department of Public Relations
- Audio and Video Library

Future Programs
- Issuing a periodical which will contain topics about Shia ideology and will also bear replies to doubts raised by hostile elements.
- Preparing a collection of Shia ideological and ethical issues.
- Preparing lessons in theology and ethical issues.

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