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Islamic Heritage Rebirth Center

Maybe the more sever stage which the researcher are suffering in the fields of the Islamic works and the scientific and the religious writtings. the issue of finding the manuscript references and they are the principal subject to excute the schedules and programms, and other turn to solve the expected problems.
The issue will be increased if the manuscript is only available in a special library. To make the process easy by the researcher in the holy religious heritage , and to improve the the scientific movement and to extend the sciences of AAL-MUHAMMED (a.s) School, the Religious Authority of Ayatullah al-uzma Seestani to establish the Islamic heritage rebirth Centre.

The center services are:
1- The Photgraphy Section:
This section excuting the more important objections of the center. in this section they copying images of the valuable and important books inside the Islamic republic of Iran and outside Iran. They copy the pictures on the microfisch slides and the Index cards and on the common pappers to become an easy process to the scholars. More than three hundreds microfilms had been completed on the common pappers. The center preparing a special card for each image by it's title , subject and the author name. in addition to download the imaged books titles and the essential information to the computer. The images cataloques had been completed in volumes some of the had been printed and the rest to be printed later.
2- The Manuscripts Section:
This section had been purchased more than nine hundreds copies of the manuscripts in deferent religious and literatures sciences and others.
3- Lithography section:
There are more important and rare books still in it's lithography shapes which un-expected to become printed. To ensure the researchers demands the center established a special section for this purpose. There is an index for these books.
4- The Public Library;
The establishing of the Public library is a necessary object to satisfy the searchers demands for the books and the references, in various subjects and encyclopaedia.

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