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Al-Zahra Cultural House

Certainly, women can play a great role in disseminating the sublime teachings and values of the ever-lasting religion of Islam. Besides home activities, they can play their active role in social affairs also, if obstacles are removed from their way and that they are given an opportunity to learn and acquire skills and put those into practice. No doubt, they are as effective in terms of educational, social and economical growth and prosperity as men for they can play an equal play with men. To help women be involved with cultural activities, the office of His Eminence established a center named Al-Zahra Cultural House. Mentioned below are some of this center's facilities and programs for women:
1- Specialized library.
2- Audio library.
3- Weekly sessions.
4- Holding ceremonies on the occasions of birth or martyrdom anniversaries of the Infallibles (a.s.)
5- Encyclopedia of women.
6- Teaching religious laws and issues pertaining to women based on the rulings and fatwas of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah grant him long life.)

Address: Vis-à-vis Rejaaye Street, Sumayyah Street, Qom - Iran.
Tel: 00982537737623

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