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Imam Sadiq (a.s.) Islamic Medical Research Center

Due to our Islamic society demands to rebirth the ( ISLAMIC MEDICINE ) and the ( THE ISLAMIC TREATMENT ), which are amongst the forgoten sciences, so it is very necessary to establish a center for research these two fields. To depend on Almighty Allah Subhaneh and the Ahlul-Bayt providence and Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyed Seestani office attention , especailly Hujatul Islam and Muslimeen Sayyed Jawad Shah'restani the IMAM SADIQ (a.s) CENTER FOR ISLAMIC MEDICAL RESEARCH had been established in the Holy city of Qom, at the occasion of Hazrat Fatimah (a.s) Happy Birthday at 12th jamadi-2 1420H (22.9.1999 M).

1- Arranging and collecting the significance Islamic Documents and indexed it in a special information bank.
2- To propagate the Islamic Medicine in the society.
3- to offer the research results to the other scientific and medical centers, and to all people. In addition to excute the practical education programms in the state.
4- To extend the said results in the News area.

TRUSTWORTHY COMMISION The center trustworthy commision contains of six members three of them from the Howzah scholars in the city of Qom and from three physicians in the university.

There are 8 commisions in the center: 1- The Research commision in the Holy Qur'anic verses. this commision studying all Holy Qur'an subjects and the medical , health and protective guidances.
2- The Research commision in the Hadiths and narratives.Thier function to collect the transmitted hadiths and Naratives from the Infallibles Imams (a.s) and which reltated to the medicine. They are indexed according to the medical subjects and to be prepared to an union Islamic Medical encylopaedia.
3- The Cataloquing commision:
3- the Cataloque Commision.
No doubt our islamic library contains a large heritage of the medical books, but unfortunately the searchers havent any access to them , because they arent acquainted with them. so the commision took attention to prepare the complete indexes to these books.
4- The Search Commision in the Medical Jursiprudence.
To study the special subjects in the medicine and to record the Religious Scholars views in this field, and to collect and arrange it's indexes especially the medical branches.
5- The Search commision in the medical morals in Islam.
This commision established with cooperation with the physicins to prepare an educational programme in the Islamic medical morals with refering the Holy Qur'an verses and the prophet Muhammed (a.s) and Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) narations.
At the first stage to study 30 characters which the medical staff should obliged with them.
6- The Comparison commision.
To study the medical subjencts which had been mentioned in the Holy Qur'an
and the hadiths and to compare them with the similars in the modern medical references. to introduce the search results to the scientific assembles.
7- The Translation commision:
Thier function to appoint the interested books and prepare them for the translation.
with the cooperation with the cataloque commision and others.
8- The reasearch practical commison.
Thier responsibility to practise the commision search results, and to proof that Islam support thier theories in comparison with contemperory reasearches in the world.

THE SPECIALISED CENTER LIBRARY To prepare the Special Library in the Islamic medicine. and the primary process had been applied.
THE SPECIALIZED MAGAZINE To issue the quarterly magazine. the purpose to introduce the important subjects to the Hwzeh and Medical centersand all common Islamic community. And to prepare a bacground to the spread the Islamic Medical in the society.

Address: Beginning of Shahed Street Amini Bayat Square
Tel.: 00982538844040-2

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