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Hawzah Text Books Publication Center

One of the most important needs of the students of Islamic seminaries are new text books for which, despite its significance, no publication or composition center had been set up until the office of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sistani - may Allah protect him - took an action to fill the gap. Therefore, a center for publication and composition of Hawzah text books was established with the aim to print and provide new text books for the students and teachers of the Islamic Seminary. As will be explained, it receives cooperation from the Seminary's administration and is in close coordination with it.
A few of objectives followed by this center are as under:

1- Collecting Hawzah books which had been published in the past or being publish in the present.
2- Gathering text or source books used by non-Shia Hawzahs and universities such as Alazhar University in Egypt and Ommul Qora University in Saudi Arabia.
3- Gathering books and articles compiled or written specifically about systems of education in Islamic seminaries.
4- Collecting views and opinions of teachers and principals of Islamic schools and seminaries on the positive and negatives aspects of Hawzah text books.
5- Establishing a scientific board as under:

1. Board of Quranic sciences and commentary
2. Board of Hadith sciences
3. Board of literature
4. Board of ethics and gnosticism
5. Board of Fiqh and Osoul
6. Board of Theology
7. Board of logic and philosophy

The activities of these boards are summarized as such that they first of all compile and edit books that are to be used by Islamic seminaries. Then these books are published after the approval of the supervising board. This procedure continues each year in an effort to remove current deficiencies. Books printed by this center are in good binding and prices are cheap.

Address: 1st alley, Mumtaz Street, Safaeyah Street, Qom - Iran
Tel: 00982537742850

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