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Acknowledging that the holy city of Qom is the center for Shi`ism and a cradle of Islamic scholars, the world has desired to become directly acquainted with the Shi`ite culture through the scholars of Qom. Therefore, it was out of necessity that this Internet site was created - to fulfill this desire.
Alhamdulillah there are many Internet sites introducing Shi`ism, however, there is still a need for more. The uniqueness of this site is that it gives services that are either not available on other sites or not in such a complete manner.
The Aalulbayt (a.s.) Global Information Center has been established in Spring of 1998 (on the anniversary of al-Ghadeer Day). This Center whose goal is to spread the Shi`ite culture through the WEB and create a kind of strong relation between the theological class and the public, is being managed under the supervision of the office of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah protect him).
The above Center based on the said goals areas of activities:
1. Quick responses to religious questions.
2. Access to a data bank containing thousands of theological Q & A.
3. Directly linking you to the prominent scholars of Qom.
4. Access to a data bank containing information on sectarian differences between the Sunni & Shia faiths.

- Establishing a great site for the Shi`a community with the addresses:
This site is now active and being displayed in many international languages such as: Persian, Arabic, English, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, German and Swahili In a word, this site's goal is to disseminate the Shi`ite knowledge and teachings to the world.
Another feature of this site is that it is located in a holy city, namely (Qom), near to the Hawzah Ilmiyyah from which it can sip all needed knowledge and practice various religious and scientific researches, and fill its blank page with them.
The site includes the following items:
i- The Holy Quran and related subjects:
Quranic sciences, Tafseer and Translation, biographies and photos of some Haafiz (memorizers) , a gallery of manuscripts and other fine arts related to the Holy Quran, recitation and teaching, and some articles and magazines about the Holy Quran.
ii- Introduction to Hadith, its terminology, narrators and books.
iii- Introducing the Shia'at creed, Shi'at religious authority (Marja'iah), famous scholars and their works, in addition to Islamic history.
iv- Introducing Shi'at sites on the web and Shia'at institutes and press.
v- The concise and detailed Rislah of the Grand Marjaji' and their advice and Fatwas regarding Hajj and its rites, and the prudential Risalah according to the Fatwas of all contemporary Faqihs.
vii- Answering religious questions and problems oncerning beliefs received through the sites. In answering religious questions concerning Ahkaam, we seek advice of the Grand Maraj'e.
viii- Introdcuing libraries, and presenting an index catalogue of their books. It is possible to read and download books and new articles from the sites' general and technical libraries.
ix- Studying and presenting solutions for social issues which effect the youth, children, women, and family.
iix- Telephone and fax numbers of religious scholars and ulamas.

This site's most important activities:
This site contains many useful items and materials, however, those items and materials are classified into three main branches:

* Introducing the Shi`ite scholars with the ability of establishing direct connection between them and the public:
In this section, the site has created special pages for each one of the Hawzah's scholars, introducing his biography, his scientific and cultural achievements, besides an e-mail through which people may have direct touch with him. This site is being updated daily.

* Preparing quick answers for religious questions that reach us from all over the world:
Our site's vitality is derived from the huge number of letters which reach it from every corner on this globe. We can determine that our research section was able to satisfy our surfers by answering tens of letters every day and in the shortest possible time.

* Establishing a library that contains hundreds of religious books in many languages:
The main job of almost all the sites in the Internet is to prepare some useful services of the production sections (cultural, industrial, ...etc. information). So, this Center's goal is to display the works of Islamic thinkers which are usually represented by books or essays. This can be found in the (Library) section.
The Library of our site is containing now about hundreds of books in various languages, aiming that this number shall reach the limit of thousands in the near future.

* Establishing FORUM page wherein many can discuss Islamic subjects and issues freely.

The Future Activities of this Site:
In addition to the achievements which thus far have been materialized, this center intends to establish three sections which are also based on the said branches, such as: - Making an interview with eminent Islamic thinkers on different religious topics.
- Establishing an Audio Bank that deals with many religious and scientific realms.
Furthermore, this site (al-shia) intends to translate its materials into other languages such as: Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, Gujarati, Portuguese, French, Chinese, ...etc. in the near future.
Internet Services, Web designing, programming, sketching, etc.
offered both to persons and organizations.
These services are enumerated as below:
- Online subscription with WEB, FTP, POP3, REAL, E-MAIL, Net meeting services.
- Registering Domains and hiring spaces for cultural,...etc. purposes on powerful servers located in California (USA).
- Creating WebPages with high techniques.
- Introducing web maker softwares for converting texts of Zarnegar, MicroSoftWord, Macintosh, etc. to WebPages (html) with links for indexes and footnotes.
- Introducing sales services and installing Web programs (Lan) & (Wan), the setup of (NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Novel, Netvar, ...etc. - Sketching & installing internal Intranet.
- Selling PCs, servers, ...etc.
- Translating religious texts into many languages.
- Selling (al-shia) site on CDs.
- Pre-selling WEB backup softwares CDs.
- Introducing Account sotfwares for ISP.
- Holding periodic educational sessions.
- Introducing the cultural softwares of Imam Reza (s.a.) Organization.
- Selling discussion Forum softwares.
- Donating subscription for Intranet through E-mail.

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