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Aalulbayt Global Information Centre - Najaf

This CENTRE which is based in Najaf and was inaugurated under the patronage of Grand Ayatollah Sistani carries the following main objectives:

1 - To propagate and spread religious beliefs and teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his household (a.s.).
2 - To answer to questions related to religious, ideological, political and social matters.
3 - To provide a suitable and convenient circumstance for students of the religious seminary (al-Hawza) and educated individuals to carry out research activities or to connect to our network and website to take advantage of.

Activities of the Centre:

- The site has an online library section which contains various ideological and theological books including Grand Ayatollah Sistani's works plus audio collections.
- The center includes a net café for religious students to take use of whatever is helpful to their studies and religious education.

Other Services and activities include:

- Internet Services, Web designing, programming, sketching, etc. offered both to Jurisprudents' offices and cultural and religious institutes.
- Registering Domains and hiring spaces for religious, cultural,...etc. purposes.
- Creating WebPages for the offices of dignified jurists and scholars with high techniques.
- Introducing Account softwares for ISP.
- Booking site space plus e-mail services.
- 24 Hour Internet Connection services with high quality speed.
- Forums and chat rooms for online discussions on special occasions.
- Establishing the biggest CD Bank that deals with many religious and scientific realms.
- Computer and Internet Courses.

Address: Aalulbayt Global Information Center - Najaf, Al-Rasul Street, Najaf - Iraq.

Tel: 0096733332690

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