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Aalulbayt Global Information Center - Yazahra Net

Based on the requests directed at Hojjatul Islam Sayyid Jawad Shahristani, Yazahra Network was established under his directorship on 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani 1422 on the auspicious birth anniversary of Zahra (a.s.), the daughter of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The main goal of this network center is to propagate the sublime thoughts and teachings of the religion of Ahlalbayt (a.s.) on the internet.

The important subjects presented in this network are as follows:
1 - Fatima, her biography, lectures, etc.
2 - Religious fatwas (rulings)
3 - The Holy Quran and its sciences
4 - The tradition of the Infallibles (peace be upon them)
5 - Audio library
6 - Photo Album

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