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Aalulbayt Global Information Center - Imam Baqir Net

Having received many requests from the people, scientific centers and religious scholars of Shiraz for a network center, the office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sistan ( may Allah protect him) inaugurated Imam Baqer (a.s.) Net in Shiraz in order to disseminate and propagate the teachings and culture of Aalulbayt (peace be upon them) with cooperations and assistance from the city's religious scholars and theologians. The center is affiliated to Aalulbayt Global Information Center and it offers services in three languages (English, Arabic and Farsi).

The important subjects presented in this network are as follows:
1 - Imam Baqer (a.s.) and the various aspects of his life.
2 - Shiraz and its historical sites and background.
3 - Shia beliefs and ideologies.
4 - Ethics
5 - Family
6 - Religious Rulings
7 - Audio library
8 - Links to important Islamic sites

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