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May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.) and his Holy Ahlul Bayt(A.S.).
Emam Reza (A.S.) Network affiliated to Aalulbayt(A.S.) Global Information Center with the grace of Allah Almighty wants to present the ideals and sublime teachings of Islam. This site is maintained by Emam Reza (A.S.) Network to highlight various dimensions of Islam as it has been taught and practiced by the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) and the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.).

Emam Reza (A.S.) Network is a non-profit Internet-based group. Its objective is to present the ideals and sublime teachings of Islam with particular emphasis on the holy life and works of Hazrat Emam Abul Hasan Ali ibn Musa ar-Reza (A.S.),the eighth holy Shi'ite Emam.This website is dedicated to Emam Reza (A.S.) whose holy shrine is situated in the holy city of Mashhad. The holy shrine of Emam Reza (A.S.) is one of the most extensively visited pilgrimage centers in the world.
Emam Reza (A.S.) Network was inaugurated on the auspicious Be'sat day,27 Rajab1420 A.H. / 6 November , 1999 .
Emam Reza(A.S.) Network operates the grand and most elaborate Islamic website in three different languages (English, Arabic and Persian).
The important subjects presented in the English section of the network are as follows:
1- Islam
2- Emam Reza (A.S.)
3- The Holy City of Mashhad
4- The Islamic Library
5- The Islamic World
6- Services

1- Islam:
This subject includes the following topics.
The Holy Qur'an The complete translation of 114 Surahs is presented along with its recitation by two famous recitors Qari Parhizkar and Qari Manshavi.

Islamic History
This section includes the chronology of events from the year 1 A.H till 700 A.H. The famous books regarding Islamic history and links to sources on Islamic history in the internet are provided in this section.

Islamic Ruling The contemporary legal rulings in the Shi'i law in accordance with the rulings (Fatawa) of the Grand Marja Ayatullah al-Uzma al-Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Seestani.

Islamic Law The Taudhih-ul Masail, the practical Islamic laws according to the Fatawa of the Grand Marja Ayatullah al-Uzma al-Sayyid Ali al-Husayni.

The Holy Ahlul Bayt(A.S.) The lives of the holy Ahlul Bayt(A.S.) and important resources and books regarding the Masoomeen(Infallibles) are included in this section.

2- Emam Reza (A.S.)
Emam Reza(A.S.) the eighth shining star in the sky of Emamat is buried in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran. The section regarding the eighth holy Imam of the Shi'ites includes:

The Holy Shrine of Emam Reza(A.S.)
In this part of the website a beautiful and colourful photo gallery of the holy shrine of Emam Reza (A.S.) is presented. The brief history of the holy shrine and the description of the holy burial chamber, the dome, minarets, the porches (Riwaq) the courtyards (Sahn), the sactuaries (Bast), the institutions within the precincts of the holy shrine, the Saqqa Khaneh, the Islamic Seminaries, the welfare facilities provided by the holy shrine's administration to the pilgrims and the prevailing customs and other services are explained in detail in this section.
The other subjects included in this section regarding Emam Reza(A.S.) are as follows:
1- The Biography of Emam Reza(A.S.).
2- The famous Hadith-i Qudsi "Silsilat al-Dhahab"
3- The Sayings of the Holy Emam (A.S.).
4- Research about the life of Emam Reza(A.S.).
5- Miraculous Healings by Emam Reza(A.S.).
6- The Issue of the Heir Apparency.
7- The Ziyarah of the Holy Imam(A.S.).
8- Anecdotes and the Historical Events during the life span of the Holy Imam(A.S.)
9- The Golden Dissertation.

3- The Holy City of Mashhad
In this part the holy shrine of Emam Reza(A.S.)is linked with beautiful photo gallery of the shrine. The other topics dealt in detail in this part are as follows:
1- The Luminaries of the Mashhad.
2- The Leading Contemporary Ulama of Mashhad.
3- Universities and the centres of higher education in Mashhad 4- Astan Quds Razavi.
5- Historical sites of Mashhad city
6- Recreation Centers
7_ Cartograph of Mashhad city
8- Mashhad city's Yellow Pages
9_ Introducing the Khurasan Province
10- Leading Corporations in Mashhad
11- Mashhad: The Land of Miracles.

4- The Islamic Library
In this section most of the important Shi'ite literature and books are presented. According to an elaborate programme almost all the Islamic books in English and the English translations of all the classical Islamic works are being included in this section.
In the sections of the Holy Qur'an, Nahjul Balagha and Sahifah Sajjadiyah the articles and other books related to it are produced for the readers.

5- The Islamic World
The Muslims in the world at present are 1.5 billions strong and make 25 per cent of the world's total population. The section of the Islamic World deals with the following topics:

In this section all the great personalities in the Islamic world are introduced briefly.

Islamic Sites
This section comprises of a- Alphabetical Links of Emam Reza(A.S.) Network.
b- Classified Links of Emam Reza(A.S.) Network.

Islamic Organizations
The addresses, e-mails and websites of the major Islamic organizations in the world are introduced.

World Muslims
In this part the population of the Muslims in various countries of the world and the history of Islam and the Muslims in the world are presented.

Islamic World News
This section provides useful links to;
a- Daily News Portals in the Islamic world.
b- Leading English Newspapers in the Islamic world.
c- Leading Urdu Newspapers.

6- Services
In this section of the website the following services are provided:
1- 3D Ziyarah of the Holy Shrine of Emam Reza(A.S.)
2- Kid's Corner
3- Audio Channel
4- Islamic Sites
5- Islamic World News Sites
6- Special Occasions
7- Mashhad City's Weather
8- Islamic Yellow Pages
9- Yellow Pages of Mashhad City.
10- Sign My Guest Book.
11- View My Guest book
12- Join our Mailing List
13- Link to Imam Kazem (A.S.) Network.

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