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Aalulbayt Global Information Center - Imam Mahdi Net

This Network was established on 15th of Shaaban 1422 on the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi - may Allah hasten his reappearance. The center is affiliated with Aalulbayt Global Information Center and is supervised by the office of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sistani - may Allah protect him.


The main aim of this network is to disseminate the sublime teachings of Ahlalbayt (a.s.) on the internet through cooperation and help of the Ulamas and religious experts of the historical city of Isfahan.


Since the Network carries the holy name of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) most of the materials and information available in this site are specifically about him and the different dimensions of his life. Other subjects found in this network are as follows:
1 - The Holy Quran.
2 - Religious rulings.
3 - Supplications.
4 - Shia .
5 - Ethics.
6 - Designing computer software and programs.


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