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Perhaps one of the most serious problems faced by the religious students of the Religious Seminaries is the problem of residence, housing and its necessities. That is certainly because of great rush of seekers of knowledge and immigrants to the holy city of Qom - Iran. To overcome this problem, the office of His Eminence has built many residential complexes of which one is called "Grand Ayatollah Sistani Residential Complex".
As mentioned earlier, the number of students in the Religious Seminaries is on the increase and the office of His Eminence was required to speed up efforts to do away with this very serious hindrance.
Construction of the complex started in 1413 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Lord of Martyrs, Imam Husain (a.s.).
The complex consists of 320 Residential Units some with an area 115 and some a 100 square meters.
These Residence units bear all required facilities including a supermarket, a study hall, a celebration and sports hall.

Tel: 0098253 - 6615859
0098251 - 6616561
Address: Grand Ayatollah Sistani Housing Complex, Kargar Street, Qom - Iran

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