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The holy city of Qom is suffering from the housing problem because of the increasing population and migrants who come to stay in the city for acquiring knowledge of the household of the holy Prophet - peace be upon him. To limit or decrease the pressure of this problem over the people especially the deprived class, the office of his eminence built this complex in an area of 14800 square meters. The construction work of this complex began in Spring of 1422 A.H. (2001 AD.)
Inauguration of the complex took place in 1423 A.H. (2002 A.D.) on the auspicious occasion of the day of the anniversary of Baathat (prophethood) of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The complex consists of 180 residential units in four storeys. Each unit covers 85 square meters.
This housing complex is given to people for a ten year installments.

Address: Beginning of Seraja road, Asaayishgah Square, Police
Square, - Qom - Iran.
Tel.: 0098 253 7221199

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