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Under the patronage of his eminence the grand Ayatollah Seyed Sistani (long may he live) and the initiation and supervision of his general representative Hujjat Al-Islam and Muslimeen Seyed Jawad Al-Shahrestani, the hospital was established on the 17 Rabi Al-Awaal 1425 H, corresponding to 08/05/2004, occurring with the Birth Anniversary of the sell of the prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him). The opening ceremony was attended by notable scholars and honorable personalities.
The hospital comprises of the following wings:
A-Outpatient Clinic: which carries out the following
1-Eye Examination
2- Retina Examination
3- Vision examination (Optometry)
4-Measuring of cornea thickness
5-Orbscan (Analyses the physical shape/contours of the cornea)
A-Cornea thickness
B-Surface of the Cornea (Topography)
C- Cross-Eye-Strabisums
D- Curving of the intend surface of the cornea
6- Zywave
7- A- Biometry scan to diagnose the necessary degree of lens needed for the eye
B- Scan to study the retina and vitreous
8-Yag Laser
A- Laser Iridotomy
B- Laser Capsulotomy
9- Humphrey for the visual field
10-Angiography for the eye
11-Diode Laser
B- Impatient Clinic
There are 10 beds for pre and post operative stay for patients up to 4 hours after an operation to be ready for a new patient; allowing up to 60 operations per day.
2- Operation which is compression at two parts:
A- Operation room for specialized eye surgery
This room contains the latest equipment and medical technologies for eye surgery such as:
1-New technique contract surgery (Phacoemulsification)
2- Nasolacrimal Duct Surgery (D.C.R)
3- Strabismus Surgery
4- Operation of Retina
B- Laser surgery room
Using Excimer laser Technoals 217Z from Bausch and Lomb Company and other equipments such as Eye Lasik Laser, Zyoptix and P.R.K Lasek.
Some Notes:
1- The hospital is a private establishment, though its services are priced lower than official government services; covering only costs.
2- Provision of equipment and all necessities for patients without need to travel to Tehran.
3- Recruitment specialist doctors from the other provinces to provide the latest care.
4- Provision of services to patients from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Sudia Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Arab Countries in the Gulf, Central Asian Countries, Afghanistan and others.
5- Constant supervision and care through all wings of the hospital.

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Jawad Al- Aimma Specialist Eye Hospital
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