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Imam Sadiq (a.s.) Charitable Clinic was inaugurated in 1420 A.H. with an aim to assist the poor and the low-income people for their medical treatments. The inauguration ceremony, which was attended by dignified religious scholars and respected doctors, took place in the holy city of Qom on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sayyida Zahra, the daugher of Holy Prophet - peace be upon them.
The clinic is equipped with modern technologies and equipments and has some of the best expert doctors, nurses and personnel in the city.
Some of the services offered by this clinic are as under:
1. Specialized medical treatment: Including ear, nose, eye, kidney, intestinal and mental diseases, allergies, bone fractures etc.
2. General medical treatments.
3. Religious treatments such as circumcisions, cupping etc. by or under the supervision of expert doctors. That is done either for free or with meager amount.
4. Injections, dressing and surgeries.

Address: No. 7 Shahed Street Niarogah Qom - Iran
Tel: 098253 - 8844040-2

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