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29. Running water is that water which springs forth from the earth and then flows, like the water of a spring or a canal.The flowing or running water, even if it is less than Kurr, does not become najis upon contact with any najasat, unless its smell, co lour, or taste changes due to that najasat.

If najasat reaches the running water, only that part of the water will be najis whose smell, colour, or taste changes on account of it, and that end which is connected with the spring will be Pak even if it may be less than a Kurr. Similarly, the wat er on the other side of the canal will be Pak, if it is equal to a Kurr, or if it is connected with the water near the spring through unchanged water. If not, then it would be najis.

A spring which does not run or flow, but replaces water every time water is drawn from it, will not be treated as running water. That means if najasat reaches it, and if it is less than Kurr, it will become najis.

If water at the bank of a canal is stationary, but is connected with running water, it will not be considered as running water.

If a spring is active in winter, but remains dormant in summer, it will be treated as running water only when it is active.

If the water in a pool or tank of a public bath (Hammam) is less than a Kurr, but is connected with a store of water which when added to it becomes equal to a Kurr, it does not become najis by meeting najasat if its smell, colour, or taste does not ch ange.

If water from the pipes fitted in bathrooms and buildings, pouring through taps and showers, is connected to a tank holding water equal to a Kurr, it will be treated as Kurr water.

Any water which flows but does not gush from a source, will become najis on contacting najasat, if it is less than Kurr. But if water flows with force and najasat touches it at the end part below, the upper end will not become najis.
Taharat » Rain Water → ← Taharat » Under-Kurr Water
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