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37. A najis thing becomes Pak if rain water falls on it once, provided that it does not contain an essential najasat, except in the cases of clothes and body which have become najis because of urine, for they become Pak after being washed twice, as p er precaution. And in objects like carpets and dress, it is not necessary to wring or squeeze. By rain is meant a sufficient downpour, and not scanty shower or droplets.

If rain water falls on Najisul Ayn and splashes elsewhere, and if the essential najasat is not found in the water, nor does it acquire the smell, colour, or taste of the najasat, then that water is Pak. So, if it rains on blood and then splashes, and particles of blood are seen in the water, or it acquires the smell, colour, or taste of blood, it is najis.

If there is Najisul Ayn on the roof of a building, and water flows down from the roof after contacting the najis object, it will be deemed Pak as long as the rain continues. But if it continues to flow down the same way after contacting the najis obj ect, after the rain has stopped, that water will be najis.

The najis earth or ground on which rain falls becomes Pak, and if it begins flowing on the ground, and while it is still raining it reaches a najis place under the roof, it makes that place Pak as well.

If rain water falls on najis dust or sand, soaking it thoroughly, it becomes Pak.

If rain water collects at a place, even if its quantity is less than a Kurr, and a najis thing is washed in it while it is raining, it becomes Pak provided that, it does not assume the smell, colour, or taste of that najasat.

If it rains on a pure carpet which is spread over a najis ground, and if the water seeps onto the najis ground while rain continues, the carpet does not become najis. In fact, the ground also will become Pak.
Taharat » Well Water → ← Taharat » Running Water
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